Manufacturing Execution System
MES for discrete manufacturing with SAP ME
(SAP Manufacturing Execution)

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) supports manufacturers in increasing their production performance and in achieving consistent growth in the global market.

An MES is seen to its full advantage if it is integrated into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. A fully integrated MES solution, which is synchronized with the upstream and downstream processes, provides real-time information on all current and subsequent processes.

In the seamless interaction with SAP ERP, an SAP MES provides cross-plant transparency from the management level to the manufacturing level.

For this reason, ME systems are installed directly below the ERP level.

SAP Manufacturing Execution - SAP ME for discrete manufacturing

With SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution), SAP offers an independent, powerful, scalable and release-capable system solution at corporate level, which is used in discrete manufacturing. This solution enables management and control of production and manufacturing processes and, therefore, complete transparency at material and component level for individual and global installations.

SAP ME ensures error-free development and production of goods right from the start. To achieve this, data is drawn from multiple sources, and data systems are integrated into the processes of the production area. This generates a single, comprehensive dataset.

The result is an aggregated dataset of the entire product history. This is saved and is available for efficient decision making and for compliance with legal requirements.

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