SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (SAP DMI)

SAP DMI is a centralized, cloud-based,data-driven manufacturing performance management solution which enables key stakeholders of manufacturing operations to take tactical and strategic decisions to achieve best-in-class manufacturing performance.

  • Analysis of manufacturing performance within and across manufacturing plants of an enterprise
  • Data acquisition from multiple disparate manufacturing applications and harmonization of manufacturing data with SAP ERP, SAP ME, SAP MII-OEE
  • Preconfigured industry-standard manufacturing key performance indicators (KPIs) e.g. DPU, First Pass Yield, OEE etc.
  • Unified Manufacturing Modeler to customize own KPIs using manufacturing data with SAP ERP, SAP ME
  • Advanced algorithms for root cause analysis of quality defects and pattern detection, and prescriptive suggestions for continuous manufacturing performance improvement
  • Contextualize sensor data with KPIs with remote connectivity to Plant Connectivity

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