SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM)
for goods movements and management of warehouse inventories

The SAP Warehouse Management system (SAP WMS) offers flexible, automated support for the handling of all goods movements and the management of inventories in your warehouse. It can be used to manage inventories at storage bin level and to optimize the material flow using modern putaway and stock removal strategies. Planning, monitoring, hazardous substance monitoring, cross docking, and mobile data entry are other functions in SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM).

Shipping in SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM)

In shipping, the main task is ensuring customer service with the support of distribution planning. The shipping process can be automated to a large extent and many decisions regarding the outbound delivery process can be taken in advance.

Shipping is a follow-on activity of sales and the outbound deliveries booked in goods issue form the worklist for billing. The following functionality may be covered by the shipping process:

  • Schedule tracking of deliveries that are due
  • Planning and monitoring of shipping activities
  • Monitoring of the capacity situation
  • Packing for delivery
  • Picking and generation of shipping documents (delivery note, labels, EDI)
  • Support for transport planning

Transport in SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM)

Transport deals with incoming and outgoing goods flows (inbound deliveries, outbound deliveries). Effective transport planning and processing, and monitoring of the transports, is required to ensure that transports are initiated punctually and arrive at the target destination on time. The transport costs (inbound and outbound) play an important role as they influence the price of a product.

The main components of transports are:

  • Transport planning and processing
  • Freight cost processing
  • Service provider selection
  • Packing in the transport

Process changes possible with SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management)

As the predecessors of SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management), the classic logistics modules SAP WM / SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) / SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) are still very popular in the market.

Therefore, it is important to TRIACOS to provide competent support for existing logistics solutions where these modules are in use. In many cases, changes that are required in the processes do not necessarily mean a switch to SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) and they can be realized in the existing system.

As a result of TRIACOS’ many years of logistics experience, we are very familiar with the SAP WM / SAP LES / SAP TRM modules. Working together with the customer, we can develop and sustainably implement a tailored solution that is customized to the existing logistics systems.

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