SAP Logistics Execution System (SAP LES)
Logistics Solution in SAP ERP

SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) is a logistics solution in SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise Resource Planning), which offers the following functions:

  • Goods receipt process for inbound delivery
  • Direct store delivery
  • Decentralized warehouse management
  • Warehouse management (WM)
  • Shipping
  • Transport
  • Task and resource management
  • Yard management

Goods receipt process for inbound delivery in SAP LES

This process covers, from the date of ordering, the notification of delivery, the delivery itself, the subsequent putaway, and the goods receipt posting of the ordered goods. In addition, requirements of the express service provider with regard to shipping can be mapped (label printing, EDI, package tracking). Finally, processing of the delivery can be checked and optimized using various information and analysis functions.

Direct Store Delivery in SAP LES

The DSD (Direct Store Delivery) business process is based on a specific DSD tour scenario, which begins with order processing and the associated transport preparations, is followed by the physical delivery of the goods to the customer, and ends with the concluding system processing of the tour data in the distribution center. Direct Store Delivery contains the following components:

  • Visit control
  • Transport planning
  • Vehicle space optimization
  • Output definition
  • Route accounting

Decentralized warehouse accounting in SAP LES

Via a decentralized warehouse management system, planned goods movements can be notified by the central SAP ERP system with inbound and outbound deliveries. At the same time, the decentralized warehouse/distribution center confirms the underlying delivery to the SAP ERP System and initiates the changes in the inventory management of the SAP ERP system.

Process changes possible with SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System)

As the predecessors of SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management), the classic logistics modules SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management) / SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) / SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) are still very popular in the market.

Therefore, it is important to TRIACOS to provide competent support for existing logistics solutions where these modules are in use. In many cases, changes that are required in the processes do not necessarily mean a switch to SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) and they can be realized in the existing system.

As a result of TRIACOS’ many years of logistics experience, we are very familiar with the SAP WM / SAP LES / SAP TRM modules. Working together with the customer, we can develop and sustainably implement a tailored solution that is customized to the existing logistics systems.

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