SAP Extended Warehouse Management
Add-On for consumer goods

This SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Add-On offers additional functionality which is specially tailored to the requirements of the consumer goods sector. The extensions relate to processes in goods receipt and goods issue, warehouse-internal processes, manufacturing integration, and cross-process functions.

Function overview of consumer goods sector SAP EWM Add-On

1. Cross-process functions

  • Quality inspection criteria:
    Function that is used in SAP Yard Management to display the characteristics of freight units via radio frequency devices during the loading or unloading process, to check quality inspection criteria.
  • Batch numbering:
    Checking of batch numbering against legally set naming conventions for consumer goods.

2. Functions in goods receipt (SAP EWM)

  • Putaway of allergenic substances:
    Putaway of allergenic substances is subject to strict regulations which can be taken into account using the SAP EWM Add-On (example: allergenic substances may only be stacked in containers with other allergenic substances).
  • Radio frequency (RF) unloading by door:
    This function uses RF transactions to enable
    • Unloading of trucks, including goods receipt posting of handling units
    • Setting of status “Unloading completed”
    • Creation of warehouse tasks to move trucks from gate to Yard
  • Extension of the standard radio frequency transaction:
    This extension enables the use of an RF transaction to check whether a transport unit has docked at the gate and other quality-related checks.
    Capacity-dependent storage-bin determination for putaway from production to the “pick and drop” area.
    Transmission of material document details for manufactured products, which are then transferred onward from production via a material flow system. The data is transmitted from SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) to SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) via IDocs.

3. Functions in goods issue (SAP EWM)

  • Additional filter regulations within the stock removal strategy Redefinition of the storage type search sequence for multi-level picking
  • Additional strategies for loading of transport units such as weight-dependent sorting of handling units within a delivery for optimal weight Distribution
  • Additional function (monitoring node) in the warehouse management monitor for detailed evaluations with regard to gate availability
  • Handling of loading of transport units via standard RF Transaction
  • Repacking transaction especially for subcontractor orders with ERP sales document reference (enables opportunistic cross-docking)
  • Re-palleting of delivery items via the work center transaction for additional logistics Services
  • Updating of already distributed scheduled deliveries and deletion of transport units via IDocs
  • Additional algorithms for boxing

4. Warehouse-internal functions

  • Stock transfers without physical stock movement (change of owner)
  • Warehouse management functions especially for products with short storage time (e.g. stock removal block for products with expired shelf life expiration date)
  • Automatic update of defined user status (e.g. thawed, spoiled) during HU movement as job in the foreground or background

5. Production integration

  • Facility to configure goods receipt mode at document type Level
  • Additional notifications to responsible persons in SAP ERP Quality Management (SAP QM) if the supplied goods do not fulfill specific quality criteria (shelf life expiration date, etc.) and simultaneous blocking of the delivery
  • SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) transfers additional information for sample determination to SAP QM (SAP Quality Management)

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