SAP Quality Management (SAP QM)
Safeguards quality within the logistics chain

The SAP Module QM (SAP Quality Management) offers the facility to represent all quality relevant aspects in production fully integrated in the SAP ERP system. The module eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive interfaces and accesses the master data in resource planning directly. The assignment of data records such as results, usage decisions, audit findings, etc. to the objects is clearly understandable at all times.

On the one hand, using predefined processes such as automated inspection lot creation for stock movements, automatic recurring inspections or an automated usage decision after a successful inspection helps to significantly reduce the administrative effort required. The frequency of decisional errors is also considerably reduced, which offers decisive advantages in the assurance of vendor quality. All actions, whether performed manually or automatically, are of course documented clearly and understandably in the SAP system, to ensure that processes can be reported on later.

With the many options offered by SAP for customizing the SAP QM module, situations in any branch of manufacturing can be mapped. The documentation complies fully with requirements from the ISO 9000 ff. quality standards, as well as industry-specific standards such as IATF 16949:2016.

Presentation in SAP QM (SAP Quality Management)

The following items can be represented:

  • Completion inspection and release of a vendor from the first sample delivery
  • All inspections in the logistics chain, such as goods receipt inspection, inspection during production, goods issue inspection
  • Analysis of all quality data entered in control charts and overviews
  • Various inspection standards such as inspections plans, inspection methods, material specifications, sampling schemes, …
  • And, if the occasion arises: end-to-end complaint processing for complaints to the vendor, for internal defect processing and for customer complaints; the steps in defect processing according to the 8D principle can also be represented
  • Clear-cut test equipment management with all calibration intervals and inspection results
  • All quality-related costs: You can assign all personnel and material expenses to different quality orders, which enables you to achieve cost transparency and optimization
  • Fully featured audit management with tracing of measures
  • A structured FMEA at the levels of product and process, with presentation of risk priority numbers and measure tracking
  • Meaningful stability reports as records of the shelf life of your products and raw materials
  • Standard-compliant document management for your work instructions, material specifications, test procedures, quality assurance agreements, etc., with version control

Benefits of SAP QM (SAP Quality Management)

End users benefit from the integration of all functionality within one central SAP system:

  • No duplication of effort required for master data maintenance
  • All relevant data is available in a single system
  • Unambiguous assignments – no uncertainties
  • No interfaces requiring separate maintenance

Integration of SAP Quality Management (SAP QM)

For the provision of process support, SAP QM functionality is integrated with other SAP modules:

  • Integration with SAP MM (procurement and inventory management)
  • Integration with SAP PP and SAP PP-PI (order processing)
  • Integration with SAP SD (delivery, goods issuing)
  • Integration with SAP PM (scheduled inspections)

All the inspections performed in SAP QM can be documented by means of an inspection plan. Most of the QM master data is consolidated here for the respective inspection.

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