SAP Project System (SAP PS)
for successful project management

The SAP PS (SAP Project System) is optimally suited to large projects such as the construction of a complete plant. Smaller projects too, such as the organization of a trade fair, require exact planning of the numerous detailed activities. SAP PS ensures implementation of projects in compliance with the schedule, the budget, and the specified performance, and is used to make resources and finances available. SAP PS is deeply integrated into the Logistics and the FI / CO modules. This ensures smooth integration of projects into operational processes.

In order to manage a project successfully, SAP PS provides support for the following topics: 

  • Set-up for a project structure plan
  • Definition of WBS elements and activities / operations (work packages)
  • Progress analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Integration
    • Procurement
    • Production
    • Maintenance
    • Shipping
    • Finance and controlling
    • HR

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