SAP Customer Service (SAP CS)
as the central SAP module for customer service

Customer satisfaction is an important influencing factor for corporate success. Therefore, a good customer service and the solid integration of a service department into the corporate organization is critically important in today’s corporate policy.

This SAP CS (SAP Customer Service) module has been developed for customer service and after-sales business from the SAP PM module, which was closely linked with the SD module to optimally map customer-focused service processes.

SAP CS is integrated with the modules SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP FI and SAP CO. The contents include planning and control of the activities of after-sales business, service at the customer, in-house and external maintenance, provision of spare parts, and scheduled maintenance and service.

Mapping service in SAP CS (SAP Customer Service)

With the SAP CS (SAP Customer Service) module, users have the facility to map numerous services to external business partners, integrating them into the system, and they can manage and process these services:

  • Help Desk: Recording, processing, and forwarding of incoming customer queries
  • Assembly of technical objects on site at the customer
  • Repair of customer devices by field service technicians on site at the customer
  • Shipping of spare parts to the customer
  • Handling of warranty cases and processing of complaints
  • Handling of workshop repairs
  • Handling of service contracts
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of customer devices in the service center or at the customer

SAP CS (SAP Customer Service) functionality

To handle the resulting requirements of consistent system integration of the existing customer service, SAP Customer Service (SAP CS) contains the following functions:

  • Structuring and maintenance of the service objects using technical objects (e.g. technical plant, machines, …)
  • Administration of service agreements:
    • Warranties
    • Contracts
    • Maintenance plans and strategies
    • Work plans
  • and much more
  • Service handling with service notifications, service orders and customer orders
  • Notification monitoring with reaction times and on-call times
  • Customer interaction center: Interface between service objects and business partners
  • Billing of costs incurred for services 

In addition, SAP CS offers the set-up of a flexible knowledge platform with the use of a solution database.Here, problems (symptoms) can be recorded, measures agreed to eliminate the causes can be documented, and best-practice solution approaches can be made available to other agents, service consultants, and users. This way, this SAP tool not only facilitates retention of your know-how within the company, it also promotes improvement of your customer service through faster processing of customer queries.

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