SAP System Integration by TRIACOS

Companies who have installed an SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System (SAP ERP) attach great importance to system integration to prevent failure of the SAP ERP implementation. The consistent system integration ensures that data is moved extensively, in full, and without errors between the different components of SAP ERP.

With increasing levels of automation in the warehouse, warehouse management now also means integration with material flow control. Whether it’s the direct connection with SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) at control system level (S7) or communication with external material flow systems: With flexible concepts and many years of project experience in connecting diverse automated warehouses (such as paternoster lifts, shuttle systems, high-bay warehouses, small parts storage for diverse manufacturers), we provide support for the integration of automation technology into warehouse management systems without the need for additional interfaces.

Examples of SAP System Integration

  • Integration of automated warehouse systems, conveyor systems and material flow systems
  • Connection of picking systems
  • Wireless data connections (forklift control systems)
  • Direct connection of logistics processes right up to the level of the control system (SPS S7)
  • Identification systems (RFID)
  • Integration of archiving systems (H&S, IXOS)

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