SAP Implementation by TRIACOS

The successful implementation of SAP solutions in companies in different industries and fields is one of the core competencies of Triacos. The in-depth expertise of our TRIACOS team, the methodical approach, and the proven project tools form the basis of a successful, international SAP implementation.

As a competent SAP implementation partner, we provide support for new SAP introductions, international SAP rollouts, or the integration of additional components. We take account of company-specific features from an early stage.

In many cases, the introduction of SAP solutions means organizational challenges and requires changes to business processes. These factors also affect the employees in the company and we take these into account in our planning. This ensures a smooth introduction and increases the acceptance among the employees right from the start. Before the project begins, we discuss jointly the scope of the project, the assumptions, responsibilities, and cooperation obligations. During the project, the customer requirements may change and, of course, we take this into account also. Our understanding of the teamwork concept and our cooperation with the customer is the key to our joint success in the project.

The core team for the different task areas, the right project organization, and the steering committee are, for us, the most important organizational units. Working together is critical for our mutual success.

  • Actual / target analysis
  • Design phase, implementation concept
  • Detailed specification
  • Project preparation
  • Implementation phase
  • Test phase
  • Go-live
  • Additional support

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